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Close to reality

Lighting, video and stage design can be simulated extremely realistically and detailed. The impressions being created at 1:10 scale in 3D are more realistic than in a purely virtual presentation.

Saving of cost and expenditures

The available “real life” staging-, lighting- and video effects and equipment in SHOWLABOR greatly reduce or even eliminate the number of test runs in large halls. This saves time, effort and cost.

Productions for different needs and budgets

Large, complex productions with elaborate stage architecture are with SHOWLABOR in the competent hands of professionals. As well, smaller productions that can be implemented without much effort or expenditure.

A competent network

SHOWLABOR is an integral part of a whole network of expertise. In SHOWLABOR’s own post–production studio all video can be edited and processed ready for the final presentation.

The network is complemented by professionals for designing and directing shows, event and conferencing technology professionals and specialists in set design, model making and decoration.

Convincing in professional quality

The productions will be implemented by absolute specialists and top technology. This ensures high quality results and final performances that speak for themselves.